Meet us at Life Science Baltics 2018 this fall

On September 26-27th, the event of Life Science Baltics 2018 will be held in Vilnius (Lithuania). It is the only international forum in the Baltics for world-class biotechnology, pharmaceutical and medical devices experts from all around the world.

We are proud to announce that Ortho Baltic is a big part of this international event by powering one the main conference‘s session – “3D printing in medicine“.

3D printing, also known as additive manufacturing, already is an integral part of life sciences. Application of 3D technologies is an expansive field of research starting from preoperative planning, medical devices to living tissue printing on the level of nanocell. In order to precipitate even further advancements and achieve the next scientific level of personalized medicine, multidisciplinary competences have to be combined. Therefore, session “3D Printing in Medicine” will include discussions on the new possibilities in 3D printing field providing more comprehensive view with reflections on a number of scientific areas – clinical and odontological approaches, technological aspects, and material applications.

Agenda of session “3D printing in medicine“:

  1. Dr. Jules Poukens (Ortho Baltic, Hasselt University, University of Leuven, Belgium): Breaking the barriers to set patient-specific devices as gold standard in surgery
  2. Dr. Andrejus Surovas (Implantatas, Lithuania): Additive manufacturing brings back the subperiosteal implants again for innovative promising treatment
  3. Alisa Buchman (MMATECH, Israel): Orthopaedic Polymer MP-1™ application for 3D printing
  4. Dr. Mangirdas Malinauskas (VU, Lithuania): Mesoscale 3D Optical Lithography for Biomedicine
  5. Maxime Maugeon (PhD candidate, LSMU, KTU, Ortho Baltic, Lithuania): Smart patient-specific cranial implants. Combination of 3D printing and sensorics

Please find full agenda of Life Science Baltics 2018 event in an official website.

This event provides a unique opportunity to explore the new horizons of partnerships, exchange ideas and seek progress through networking. Discover enormous potential and passion in the field of life sciences in Lithuania and the Baltics – the gateway to emerging markets.

Let‘s meet at the session of “3D printing in medicine“ at the Life Science Baltics 2018!

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