Attending Medtec 2018 in Stuttgart, Germany

Ortho Baltic team was glad to visit the exhibition and conference for medical device manufacturers in Stuttgart, Germany on 17-19th of April.

Ortho Baltic exhibited 3D printed patient-specific implants and surgical guides, also ICT solutions for effective management of patient-specific implants design, manufacture and validation processes. Also, Ortho Baltic team had plenty of successful business meetings which end up in ambitious connections.

Furthermore, on the first day of Medtec 2018, Ortho Baltic members had the presentations at the Medical Device Manufacturing (MDM) conference. Speaker Domantas Ozerenskis presented new approach which aims to develop a consistent dental surgical planning methodology based on the personalized anatomical virtual biomechanical model “Personalization of virtual biomechanical model of human mandible with an application to dental surgical treatment by using patient-specific prosthesis”. Speaker Maxime Maugeon presented the early development and perspectives of new wireless sensing assembly integrated into patient-specific cranial implants for the continuous, simultaneous measurement of neurophysiological multi-parameters  “Integration of sensing devices assembly into patient specific implants for neurophysiology Big data acquisition and processing“.

Ortho Baltic team is thankful to each of every you for visiting the booth and attending the presentations! Looking forward for meeting you in the future events.

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