Autumn is full of events for Ortho Baltic team

As usual autumn is the busiest season in the year. Some people are picking up garden goodies, but some are barely able to take part in a pleasantly intense event carousel. This autumn was full of events for Ortho Baltic team. Good time spent in five events of orthopaedic, craniofacial surgery and innovation lab.

Craniofacial surgery

On September 16-19th the meeting of International Society of Craniofacial Surgery (ISCF) in Paris, France, was held. Over a four days period the event covered most aspects of craniofacial care, including latest developments in craniosynostosis, craniofacial research in regenerative medicine, neurosurgical aspects related to reconstructive surgery, craniofacial clefts, comparison of distraction techniques for facial dysostoses, and without forgetting microvascular reconstruction in craniofacial care including a facial transplantation panel.

Ortho Baltic representative Dr. Natale Francaviglia made a presentation about translation of patient uniqueness and treatment plan into pre-surgical planning of cranioplasty surgery using web access 3D model-based ICT tools.

Alongside with the conference the exhibition was held. Ortho Baltic team invited to visit their booth and presented 3D printed personalized implants as well as introduced web-based 3D pre-surgical planning tool MICE. Ortho Baltic team was happy to tell more about 3D printing technologies, manufacturing and supply chain processes, and answered a variety of questions from the attendees.

Pediatric and adults orthopeadics

On October 4-5th Ortho Baltic team had a great opportunity to be part of the First Baltic Conference of Pediatric Orthopedic Traumatologists in Palanga, Lithuania. Here the main focus was on Paediatric foot and ankle (orthopaedics and trauma). Specific aspects of pediatric orthopeadic were presented by invited lecturers Dr. Marc Sinclair (Dubai, UAE) and prof. Marek Napiontek (Poznan, Poland) as well as other professional paediatric and adult orthopaedic trauma surgeons, neurologists from Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia.

During this event Ortho Baltic team presented 3D pre-surgical planning tool MICE in order to acquaint the surgeons with the software and show them the convinient possibilities to design patient-specific implants and communicate with the manufacturer. Also, the visitors of the event had the chance to try the software themselves as well as take a look at the personalized implants and orthotics, prosthetics devices.

On October 22-25th Ortho Baltic team participated at German Congress for Orthopedics and Trauma Surgery (DKOU), in Berlin, Germany. Here, at the Europe‘s largest medical congress for orthopeadics and trauma surgery, Ortho Baltic representatives were glad to answer many questions asked by the audience about the production and supply chain of personalized medical devices, the advantages of the personalized medicine and the benefits for the patient. Also, during this event the visitors had the opportunity to try the 3D prie-surgical planning software MICE themselves and learn more about it‘s development and usage.

And the last but not least in orthopaedics sector is 94th Congress of the French Society of Orthopedic & Traumatological Surgery (SOFCOT) in Paris, France, November 11-13th. Here Ortho Baltic team has the opportunity to present for surgeons the software MICE and patient-specific medical devices, mostly working in different regions of France.

During the event the surgeons were interested in the development process of MICE as well as its practical usage in designing personalized implants. Also, Ortho Baltic team got only good feedback about the personalized implants and their quality.

Innovation Lab

On November 4-7th the Exponential medicine event in San Diego, California, invited the most promising companies and innovations that are set to revolutionize the practice of medicine and radically transform healthcare and the biomedical industry. Ortho Baltic was glad to be one of the participants in this exciting platform for a diverse range of innovative companies where they had an opportunity to highlight their new innovation – self-learning software MICE and personalized medical devices in front of more than 500 healthcare leaders.

The Ortho Baltic team is grateful to visitors as well as to the organizers for hosting the events and for giving the opportunity to meet surgeons from around the world, introduce products, developed IT tools and, of course, make contacts for future collaborations.

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