First Lithuanian Implants for Orthopaedic Trauma

In collaboration with the Lithuanian University of Health Sciences, Ortho Baltic developed new generation orthopaedic implants for femoral fracture fixation. A set of implants includes 6 implant groups: 4 implant groups for proximal femur, 1 implant group for femoral shaft, and 1 group for distal femur. These implants are better fitted to the bone surface characteristic of the population of Baltic region, reduce the risk of displacement of the fracture fragments and thus promote faster bone union. The company is deeply grateful for Associate Professor Dr. Egidijus Kontautas (Lithuanian University of Health Sciences) for his significant contribution to the development of this product.

Given the unique design of this new product, a patent application has been prepared and submitted in order to protect our invention from being copied. Moreover, the osteosynthesis plates are Class IIb medical device, therefore it is necessary to certify them before the placement on the market. As this process is quite expensive, the company applied for funding from EU Structural and Investment Funds through a financial instrument for export promotion “Expo Sertifikatas LT” and secured 34.027 Euros funding. The product is expected to be approved in 2017 and delivered to healthcare entities and patients in Lithuania and abroad in 2018.

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