Project results will modify the odontology market

Ortho Baltic („Baltic Orthoservice“ Ltd.) is implementing the project „Development of Smart Prosthetic Dentistry (SPD) technology along with creation of patient-specific dental implants“ and thus working on the new generation of personalized dental implants and virtual instruments.

The aim of the project is to create personalized dental implants produced using 3D technologies and the new generation of personalized dental and orthopedic implant design and production technology.

The result of the project would be the preparation of prosthetics procedure in laboratory conditions by using 3D diagnostics data; then to perform the complete prosthetics including the removal of residual teeth, insertion and integration of the implants using disposable personalized surgical guides and the installation of pre-made prostheses on integrated implants in one day.

The new technique would also improve the osseointegration of the bone and ensure the secondary fixation in the alveolar backbone, thereby extending the survival of the implant. According to the Ortho Baltic Product Development manager, phD candidate Domantas Ozerenskis, the project results would allow to perform the pre-surgical planning after which patient would get the new dental prosthetics in one day surviving only one single medical surgery.

This will reduce the recovery time and the possibility of implant failure. SPD technology would also solve doctor-to-patient communication problems: the patient will get the treatment plan in a form of virtual 3D.

To achieve the above Ortho Baltic will use the newest technologies as 3D digitalization, micro-computed tomography, 3D visual engineering, CAD systems, additive manufacturing, etc.

The main idea of the project involves the innovations of dental prosthesis technologies and optimization of orthopedic treatment process. This should provide great comfort and be affordable for the people with dental row defects. The team of Ortho Baltic professionals is sure that the implementation of the project will have a great social influence for it will reduce the time and cost of dental treatment and will be a lot less painful for the patient.

Project implementation period: 2017-01-02– 2019-12-31

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