Collaboration with Nikon Metrology! NIkon’s µ-CT equipment allows us to ensure the quality of patient-specific implants.

Recently Nikon Metrology posted a case story in its blog about the application of Nikon micro-CT equipment for the validation of Ortho Baltic’s patient-specific implants. The article was printed in NIKON Metrology News magazine! Read the full story in Nikon Metrology News Magazine Volume 12, as well as in TCT magazine.

In patient-specific medical device manufacturing an important challenge is the assurance of quality in additive manufactured components. 3D printing is a complicated technology and has a big variation of processing parameters, consequently it is hard to predict the structure quality and geometry of a printed part. For these challenges in our Quality Control and Validation Laboratory we use Nikon micro-CT equipment. High power CT, micro-focus accuracy and the non-destructive nature of CT are the requirements that provide us a comprehensive and unparalleled insight into the conformity of our products. Full spectrum of the technologies we use in patient-specific medical device manufacturing you can find in the Technology & Materials tab.

Thank you, Nikon Metrology, for collaboration and for posting our story!






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