Case story presented in the conference on “Diagnostics and Treatment of Congenital and Acquired Lower Limb Deformities”

On 5th of May, in  the conference “Diagnostics and Treatment of Congenital and Acquired Lower Limb Deformities” was held by Kaunas Region Science Association of Orthopedics and Traumatology Surgeons (KKOTMD). A number of presentations got us familiar with current issues surgeons meet when planning and performing ostoetomies. We are glad to be ones who provide Lithuanian, as well as foreign, surgeons with three-dimensional virtual planning tools and additive manufacturing technology which allows to turn planning into reality by printing patient-specific anatomical models and easy to use patient-specific surgical guides!

Dr. Egidijus Kontautas has read the presentation on the value of virtual three-dimensional planning and designing patient-specific guides for the cases of lower limb osteotomies, and Dr. Vytautas Toliušis presented the case story – of how rare femur deformity was fixed with the help of Ortho Baltic’s team! Catatonic schizophrenia and a number of adjacent conditions lead a patient to severely deformed femur because of a few untreated fractures. Orthopeadic and traumatology surgeons V. Toliušis and E. Kontautas looking for solution reached out Ortho Baltic engineers. Starting with 3D reconstruction, which allowed virtually see femoral canal, going through virtual designing and planning, a solution was made for connecting femoral canal (which was separated by bone callus) and correcting the femoral axis while preserving knee joint position. 3D-printed assembled anatomical models and patient-specific surgical guides for bone resection, as well as for bone positioning, assisted surgeons during osteotomy procedure ensuring the fulfillment of pre-surgical plan.

Thank you, Dr. Egidijus Kontautas and Dr. Vytautas Toliušis, for initiative, and for successful collaboration!

More information on patient-specific surgical guides read  in section “Patient-specific surgical guides”.

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