Ortho Baltic Implants on the News Programme “Lithuania Can”

Lithuania Can

On 16th of November 2015, a project “Establishment of the Implant Design and Development Centre” has been overviewed on a LRT’s programme “Lithuania Can”. The Implant Design and Development Centre created during this project is the only one of the kind in the Baltic States. The Centre uses a wide range of cutting-edge technologies available in the market such as 3D digitisation, 3D modelling, 3D simulation, 3D printing, quality control, and clean room equipment. In the Center, we develop and manufacture dental implants and new generation patient-specific medical devices – implants and single-use surgical guides – for treatment of joints, spine, and cranium. Patient-specific anatomical and medical structures can be built directly based on volumetric images of the patient’s individual anatomy from 3D modalities such as computed tomography.

The TV programme is available to watch at LRT Mediateka (section from 25 min 22 sec)

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