Ortho Baltic is Leading 3D Technology Company in Lithuania


On 12th of November this year, at the award ceremony for businesses, held at the Great Hall of the House of the Government of Lithuania, Ortho Baltic was awarded as the Leader in 3D Technology in Lithuania. The winners were selected by an independent committee of representatives of the Ministry of Economy, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Education and Sciences, Lithuanian Confederation of Industrialists, Enterprise Lithuania, Agency for Science, Innovation and Technology, Lithuanian Innovation Centre and other organizations.

The award has been given for application of the 3D laser printing technology for manufacturing orthopaedic and dental implants, surgical instruments and devices for personalized surgery, patient-specific anatomical bone models, and orthopaedic splints. The company uses DMLS, SLS, Ink-Jet and additive manufacturing technologies for printing medical devices from titanium, cobalt-chrome, biocompatible polyamides, plaster, and ABS plastics.

Being a developer, designer and manufacturer of medical devices, Ortho Baltic is not set to make the 3D printing its core business. This notwithstanding, no other company in the Baltic countries and Poland currently can match Ortho Baltic in terms of 3D laser printing technology. In fact, the company’s investments in 3D printing equipment were not aimed at providing 3D printing services but at using this technology for designing and manufacturing medical devices, which cannot be made using conventional techniques from metals (or other materials). Patient-specific medical implants and other products manufactured by Ortho Baltic have been successfully tested and approved for distribution. They are high-end products not only in Lithuania but also worldwide

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