Ortho Baltic in MITA’s conference “The Innovation caused Benefits for Healthcare Companies“

On March 23rd, 2017, in Vilnius Ortho Baltic participated in MITA’s (Agency for Science, Innovation and Technology) conference “The Innovation-caused Benefits for Healthcare Companies“.
During the event the representatives of an innovative business and academia shared their experience and practical advice, and MITA experts presented the measures that are required for particular product / service innovation process.

Ortho Baltic’s CEO Gediminas Kostkevičius did the presentation “The nature of innovation and the barriers in the area of healthcare technologies”, where he addressed the main issues Lithuania meets in the innovation implementation and in the policy of innovation funding, and highlighted that creating innovative products is not enough, instead the disruptive innovations should be the goal. Innovators should be eager to implement innovations that bring the real value to healthcare sector and for Lithuania to be seen as advanced European country.

Thank you MITA for the event!



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