Personalized medical solutions presented to the audience in Italy. EMSOS 2019

In late spring the 32nd Annual Meeting of the European Musculo Skeletal Oncology Society (EMSOS) was organized in historic Florence, Italy. on May 15-17th among many participants of this event you could meet Ortho Baltic representatives too. The company invited to visit it‘s booth and listen to a presentation about 3D models based virtual platform dedicated for surgeon-manufacturer communication between and prie-surgery planning.

Milda Jokymaitytė, Clinical Engineer at Ortho Baltic, said in her presentation that new methods and innovative IT tools are needed to be create in order to achieve large-scale commercial success of personalized medical devices and to drive the transition from standard solutions to personalized medicine.

“To make this transition a reality, the first open‑access 3D-virtual-model-based ICT tool for surgeon-manufacturer communication and pre-surgical planning, serving as patient-specific implant configurator, has been developed for the management of complex clinical cases” – says M. Jokymaitytė. ” This tool successfully grants the surgeons, via the manipulation of 3D models, the ability to describe in easier way, the individual solutions to be used in the treatment of a particular patient” – adds the presenter.

During the event visitors had the opportunity to try the platform themselves, as well as learn more about its development process and how it works. The representatives of Ortho Baltic were glad to answer many questions asked by the audience about the production and supply chain of personalized medical devices, the advantages of the personalized medicine and the benefits for the patient.

The Ortho Baltic team is grateful to the organizers for hosting the event and for giving the opportunity to meet surgeons from around the world, introduce the products, developed IT tools and, of course, make contacts for future collaborations.

Please find more photos from the EMSOS 2019 event at the official website.

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