Returning from Life Sciences Baltics 2018

On September 26-27 Ortho Baltic team participated in the international Life Science Baltics 2018 in Vilnius. During two days event Ortho Baltic invited to one of the most important sessions of the event “3D Printing in Medicine”, and to a booth with attractive implant models, as well as poster session where the results of the science research were demonstrated.

3D printed personalized implants were displayed at the booth during the event. Ortho Baltic team was happy to tell more about 3D printing technologies, manufacturing and supply chain processes, and answered a variety of questions from the attendees.

Also, visitors had the opportunity to get acquainted with the results of science research done by Ortho Baltic material sciences engineer Skirmantas Norkus together with the co-author. Poster showed the results of a study on improved osseointegration by surface modification of 3D printed patient-specific implants.

3D printing, also known as additive manufacturing, already is an integral part of life sciences. Application of 3D technologies is an expansive field of research starting from preoperative planning, medical devices to living tissue printing on the level of nanocell. In order to precipitate even further advancements and achieve the next scientific level of personalized medicine, multidisciplinary competences have to be combined. Therefore, during the session “3D Printing in Medicine” it was a possibility to hear the latest trends in personalized medicine and other medical sciences areas, the vision of the future, to learn more about 3D printing technologies and materials used in production. The presentations were made by the international speakers: Professor Dr. J. Poukens (Belgium), Dr. Andrey Surov (Lithuania), MSc. Alisa Buchman (Israel), Dr. Mangirdas Malinauskas (Lithuania), PhD candidate M. Maugeon (France / Lithuania).

Ortho Baltic is proud to become an important part of this international event and thanks everyone who has come to the stand and session. Participation in this event provided a unique opportunity to explore the new horizons of the partnership, exchange ideas and make progress in the exchange of knowledge and experience.

Life Sciences Baltics is the only international forum in the Baltic States for world-class biotechnology, pharmaceutical and medical devices experts from all around the world.

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