Patient-specific temporomandibular joint replacement

On the 1st of June 2016, two craniomaxillofacial surgeons dr. Stasys Bojarskas and Marijus Leketas performed successful temporomandibular joint (TMJ) replacement using patient-specific bilateral TMJ endoprosthesis that were manufactured in Lithuania by Ortho Baltic. Surgeons highlighted the importance of having patient-specific implants manufacturers in Lithuania, and that the implants were half the price than usual. Read more here     Read more

Ortho Baltic Manufactures Titanium Bars for Dental Prosthesis by Using 3D printing Technology

Working with leading Lithuanian dentists and dental technician laboratories, Ortho Baltic developed a technology to manufacture patient-specific overdenture bars and other products from medical-grade titanium using 3D printing technology. Until now in Lithuania, the bars for fixed dental prostheses have been manufactured from cobalt-chrome alloy using a conventional casting technique. However, products in cobalt-chrome based alloys have a number of Read more

Groundbreaking Research on Root Canal


In co-operation with dentists at the Lithuanian University of Health Sciences, our Research Centre engineers have conducted a groundbreaking research on root canals. The purpose of the study was to digitize root canals prepared for glass fibre-reinforced composite posts using an industrial computed tomography system and calculate the area of filling material remaining on the walls. The root canals have Read more

First Lithuanian Implants for Orthopaedic Trauma

In collaboration with the Lithuanian University of Health Sciences, Ortho Baltic developed new generation orthopaedic implants for femoral fracture fixation. A set of implants includes 6 implant groups: 4 implant groups for proximal femur, 1 implant group for femoral shaft, and 1 group for distal femur. These implants are better fitted to the bone surface characteristic of the population of Read more

Lithuania Starts Manufacturing Patient-specific Hip Joint Implants

Ortho Baltic’s patient-specific acetabular implant has been registered by the State Health Care Accreditation Agency under the Ministry of Health. The product design and manufacturing technology has been developed by a close collaboration with the Lithuanian University of Health Sciences within the framework of the project “Development of New Generation Orthopaedic Implants”. The project was financed with 365,000 Euros by the Read more

Ortho Baltic’s Implant Design and Development Centre – The Only One in the Baltic region

On 30th of September this year, Ortho Baltic completed the implementation of a Scientific Research and Technological Development Project “Establishment of the Implant Design and Development Centre” co-financed by the EU Structural and Investment Funds through a financial instrument „Intelektas LT+”. The project implementation included the reconstruction of the Company’s facilities and building of infrastructures for scientific research and technological Read more

Ortho Baltic Implants in press. “Printed life?”

Ortho Baltic Implants are seen in the Lithuanian Stilius magazine (No.21, June, 201), in an article “Printed Life?” (author Arnoldas Lukošius). The article highlights the new three-dimensional printing technology applications in the medical field. Illustrations for the article are photographs of Ortho Baltic’s booth at the International Biomedical Science and Technology Symposium Biomed-2015, held in Tel-Aviv (Israel) in May this Read more