Ortho Baltic in Lithuanian newspaper “Business News”. We are in “Horizon 2020”

Lithuania is wending its way to the “Horizon 2020” –  The Programme for Research and Innovation. There is a strong competition in the contest for “Horizon 2020’s SME Instrument” funding – over 1500 proposals from Europe countries were submitted to The European Commission. And we are proud to be the one of three Lithuanian companies that were selected for EU funding under this program! 

Ortho Baltic succeeded to get the funding of 1,589 million euros – the biggest donation among Lithuanian companies. With the project we are aiming to release MICE (Medical Implants Customization Engine) – platform for surgeon-manufacturer communication, and MICE Trainer – software training tool to apply patient-specific implants in surgery treatment. By implementing the project we aim to reduce the lead time, as well as the price of patient-specific implants. More on the funded project “Mass customization of implants. The business model“ is available in our brochure here.

„Why do we invest in innovations? Because we see the world changing and we try to change together with it. Things that do not change, are destined to vanish.“ – says Gediminas Kostkevičius, the director of Ortho Baltic.




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